Postgraduate IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation

Harvard Business School Professor Michael E Porter once said “The best CEOs I know are teachers and at the core of what they teach is strategy”.

It isn’t enough to understand and to influence strategy. You must be able to fire people up about it and make it part of the way that everyone thinks in your organisation; the same with innovation. Is innovation the cornerstone of your strategy?
If you are committed to getting your organisation excited about strategy and innovation as the means to gain competitive advantage, commit to just six months to achieve the IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation. 

What will it do for me?

By completing the IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, you will have the confidence to lead a strategy and innovation process that will contribute to the success of your business and to your own career and personal development.

By completing the IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation you will:
  • Learn the skills to lead, influence and participate in the strategic success of your business
  • Conduct a strategy audit for your business 
  • Acquire a toolkit to evaluate and address the strategic challenges facing your business
  • Be able to make strategic sense of the global and domestic business environments
  • Make innovation a key management process
  • Network with experienced participants from other SMEs in Ireland
  • Meet leading experts, faculty members and practitioners in the strategy process

What is it?

The postgraduate IMI Diploma in Management is a nationally accredited and internationally recognised postgraduate programme at Level 9 of the National Framework of Qualifications. The programme is delivered using a mix of classroom teaching, action learning, class discussion, case study analysis, and individual and group activities.

Look forward to:

An 18-day taught programme delivered three days per month over six months covering six modules:

  • External Environment
  • Competitive Environment
  • Creating Strategic Value
  • Strategy Choices
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategy Execution and Implementation 

The IMI Diploma in Management is a minor award and a constituent part of the IMI Master of Business framework, accredited with 30 credits at Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications. Successful participants will be awarded the IMI Diploma in Management and a Postgraduate Certificate from University College Cork.

Who is it for?

The postgraduate IMI Diploma in Strategy and Innovation is for people who want to play a leading role in developing and implementing strategy and innovation within their organisations, specifically:

  • Experienced business owners and managers
  • Experienced functional specialists who are ready to take on a management role
  • Executives who intend to develop professional careers in management

How much does it cost?

The subsidised cost of the programme in 2018 is €3,000 per person*. This includes all training, course materials, tutor support, assessment, certification, lunches and refreshments. 

*This rate is available to SMEs only, i.e. companies in Ireland that employ fewer than 250 employees.

When is it next available?

This progamme will be run in Cork in April 2018 and Dublin in November 2018.

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Want to go further?

This IMI programme can act as a stepping stone for a Masters of Business Framework. Once you have completed the diploma, you will have the opportunity to progress to a Masters of Business.