Lean Business

“We are good at so many things. So I find it frustrating when I see us wasting valuable time and energy on activities that seem to add very little value. In some parts of our business, the systems and processes that we have developed over time are simply not fit for purpose. In others, there are no agreed processes at all. We know there’s a better way of doing things but we don’t always know how to arrive at the right solution.”

Sarah, Owner of a retail pharmacy chain

You are not alone. Frustrating problems are a feature of every business. Lean helps you to create a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement so that finding ways to make things better, easier, less frustrating and more effective becomes part of everyone’s job. How do you get started? The best way to learn about lean is to apply it. We will work with a team from your business to do just that.

Our Lean Business programme is suitable for service and manufacturing businesses from 20 employees upwards

What will it do for me?

Lean thinking and lean business tools can deliver improvements in cash flow, productivity, stock reduction, lead times, employee engagement, quality and customer service. The ManagementWorks Lean Business Programme will help you and your team members to:

  • Develop a clear understanding and practical knowledge of the tools and practices underpinning lean
  • Identify and deliver a project or suite of projects that will provide meaningful and measureable improvements for your business
  • Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to apply lean principles, tools and techniques to other projects within your business

What is it?

The ManagementWorks Lean Business programme combines training and on-site mentoring to help you and your team members to understand lean, build lean skill sets within your business, and deliver one or more lean improvement projects from start to finish. We invite up to four different companies to participate in each programme. Each company puts forward a team of three participants. Everyone attends the same training – five days of group workshops over a twelve-week period. We also send our lean mentors to your company to work exclusively with your team members as they deliver their lean improvement projects.

Look forward to:

  • Five practical one-day group workshops attended by all participating companies
  • Eight half-day mentored sessions in your place of work
  • The opportunity to share and learn from the collective experience from all participating companies
  • The completion of a valuable project by each participant
  • Access to leading lean practitioners and trainers

Who is it for?

Any business, manufacturing or services, that wants to develop a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement. Participants can be operators, supervisors and/or managers. We will work with you to select a team of three participants from your business. Each participant will deliver a worthwhile project in their area of the business.

If you think lean is only for manufacturing industries, think again. Many service organisations have successfully come through our Lean Business programme.

How much does it cost?

The programme costs €4,000 per company for up to four participants. This includes all expert training, mentoring, all course materials, lunches and refreshments.

Is it time to make the leap to lean?

Let’s talk about it. Contact:
Brian Colleran, Programme Development Manager, ManagementWorks at brian@managementworks.ie or +353 87 292 8900

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