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"My biggest fear is that I won’t be able to keep everyone in a job. My colleagues are like family to me. I know I have to find a way to grow the business but I just don’t have any mental headspace for it from one week to the next. I suppose it comes down to the fact that I’m a graphic designer, not a trained manager. But I know I’ve got to do something."

Caroline, graphic design studio owner

The ManagementWorks Business Growth programme delivers management skills that will help you develop a profitable and sustainable business.

What will it do for me?

The ManagementWorks Business Growth programme gives you the skills to create and implement the daily, weekly and monthly systems and practices that are key to growth. You will learn skills in financial planning, time management, sales, marketing, teamwork, customer service and leadership to match your management capability with your technical expertise. More importantly, you will start taking action immediately to make improvements in how you do business. 

What is it?

Business Growth is a heavily subsidised nationwide programme offering six months of training within a network of like-minded company owners plus one-to-one support from results-driven business coaches. 

This programme is delivered by leading business coaching and training provider Business Coaching Ireland.
Look forward to:
  • Company diagnostic – a 3-hour one-to-one session with your coach
  • Six highly practical one-day workshops with other business owners and managers
  • Six hour-long follow-on coaching sessions focused on delivering results for your business
  • Time out of your business to work on your business

Who is it for?

The Business Growth programme has been devised for SMEs. It’s for people who want to grow a profitable and sustainable business, specifically:

  • Owner Managers 
  • Managing directors
  • Senior management team members
Hundreds of people like you have completed the Business Growth programme. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of this highly subsidised programme is €333 per month for six months. This includes all training, coaching, course materials, lunches and refreshments. You can pay it in full in advance or you can spread the cost out by setting up a direct debate mandate for €333 per month for six months.

Is it time to grow your business?

Speak to Programme Development Manager, Brian Colleran at: or 087 292 8900

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Case Studies

A clear result for this car-servicing business was the decision, as a result of the programme, to hire a mechanic, enabling the business owner to work strategically on the business.
Clubs to Hire
Clubs for Hire increased its sales thanks to the creation of sales scripts for staff as a result of the Business Growth programme.
The Sandymount Hotel
The owner of this busy hotel hit by the downturn valued the opportunity to revisit business fundamentals and the impetus to take action triggered by impending mentor's visits.
Mary, the owner of OCBs café and sandwich bar, found renewed energy for the business and felt less isolated as a result of the programme. She found the opportunity to stand back from the business critically important.
Relish Cafe
A small chain of cafes in the Bettystown area. Denise made a large number of small improvements which have combined to transform how she works. Her better time management in particular now allows her to plan and make the most of opportunities.
Food Solutions Ltd
A coffee equipment and premium coffee products supplier based in Dundalk. The ability to see each element of his coffee supplies business in terms of the contribution it makes to his profit was an eye-opening result of the programme for owner Patrick.
Wolfe Cycles
Bike sales, service and maintenance. Jim Wolfe's participation in the programme improved his self-motivation which helped him to motivate his team, with results which included growing both footfall to the shop and the conversion rate.
Carlingford Oyster Company
Delivers 1.5 million oysters to the UK and Ireland. Kian Louet-Feisser, owner, learned to focus on his margins and to increase business performance through better internal communication.